50 NYC Adventures

Once upon a time I lived in New York City. And these are a few of the spectacular adventures I had (sigh.) This is a great guide if you are a newcomer to the city or if you're planning a visit - just don't expect to see all these sights in one visit!
    1/50 Fifth Avenue                            2/50 Times Square                           3/50 Chelsea Market                     4/50 Highline Park        
     5/50  Museum of Natural History                 6/50 Ground Zero                      7/50 Top of the Rock                      8/50 High Tea at the Plaza               
9/50 Metropolitan Museum of Art            10/50 Statue of Liberty              11/50 Opera at the Lincoln Center          12/50 Harlem's Secret Barbeque 
13/50 DUMBO & Juliana's Pizza              14/50 Brooklyn Bridge             15/50 New York Botanical Gardens          16/50 Alphabet City               

17/50 East Village Tour                          18/50 The CRONUT                          19/50 Soho Saunter                          20/50 Best Bagel on Earth

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