"Oy!"; Moments of discovery, challenge and occasional absurdity.

Welcome to Oy! So glad you've joined in the fun. My name is Kristen. I'm an actress, voiceover artist, writer, mama and wife, currently living in my hometown of Atlanta, Ga. My husband and I have spent the past few years bouncing around the U.S., living everywhere from Northern California to Boston to New York City (with a small stint in Austin as well, oh the yummy food and good music!) This blog serves as both a record of our memories together in all these mesmerizing places and as a place of inspiration for others who share in the millennial pursuit of dream-chasing. Sigh.

We recently welcomed our darling son into our lives, which has rewarded us the opportunity of spending a lot of time in our hometown with all our wonderful family. This little baby. Has gloriously changed our lives.
Twenty-seven years ago I was born at home to a hippie mom and a quirky hardworking dad. I have two precious brunette sisters that amaze me, infuriate me and make me giggle like a little girl. I inherited several more sisters (AND brothers!) when I married my best friend, and with that covenant my world has become infinitely more EVERYTHING.

In-laws, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, god-children… I’ve had the privilege of falling madly in love with a beautiful patchwork-quilt of a family, and it’s these people who have inspired and empowered me to chase some rowdy dreams. Dreams like… getting married at 19. Road tripping across the country to go to a Jesus-obsessed ministry school in northern California. Pursuing my passion for acting in an array of cities. Launching a voiceover business. Writing my heart out. Finishing my degree. Moving to New England so that my husband could attend his dream grad school. These are just a few experiences that have characterized my life with unconventional adventures. And that’s not even the half of them.

Thanks for joining me as I write about life's little moments that deserve big celebration. If it's obscure, absurd and lovely, it's definitely relished here. Enjoy your "Oy!" moment; the celebration of pursuing dreams... and not taking yourself too seriously.