February 28, 2013

(Late) Morning Musings

// Happy coffee and Essie Tart Deco and Turquoise and Caicos manicure // Fresh cinnamon bread from local Italian bakery // Treat in the mail from my BFF (atop my inspirational notebook) // Mandarin-Mint candle that stayed with me all the rainy-long day //

It's Been Raining.
Noshing // Lunchtime vegetables. Brussel sprouts, artichokes and spinach. Are you proud, Miss Fresh Life? I'm such a wannabe.
Reading // Stumbled upon this Eurotrip blog. Andrew and Jenni have gotten me even more amped to start my packing list and googlemapping locations.
Musing // Winne the Pooh. He was so right about those blustery days. That's one wise bear.
Wanting // Bathing suits. Shorts. Tank tops. All in neon colors. Oh, and the perfect arse to fit into them.
Planning // A spring break trip to see my sis and lady soul mate. She is the nicest person I know. For real.
Celebrating // Spring. I know it's coming. Earlier this week I biked to the gym and felt it in the air. And you know what? The birds know it, too. They were singing. Not just chirping, singing. They're ready and so am I.

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  1. Mm loving your nail polish! Essie has the best polish and I love the turquoise and cacos color so much. And you reminded me of my love for Brussel Sprouts, buying some this weekend!