March 20, 2013

(Late) Morning Musings

// Mail-order Makeup from Sephora // Teacups I just couldn't resist bringing home // Impromptu Facetime dinner date with my dear friend Meredith // Waited 1.5 hours at an audition // Magical day at the Magic Kingdom (more to come on this delightful adventure!) // (Finally) a sunny jog along the Charles River //

I've been lazily enjoying Spring Break this week. My husband has a week off from school, so we have enjoyed the time away from the normal everyday hum-drum. Ha, I say hum-drum, but I really wouldn't describe our life that way. There is always something going on! Which is why it's been a lovely break this week :-)

Noshing // This tasty treat has really been perking up spirit in the midst of the woeful wintery blues.
Reading // "Oh, the Places You'll Go" by Dr. Suess. I read it aloud (twice) to my sweet nephew Ollie and I was the one weeping at the end. Oh Auntie Kristen. Seriously, though, every adult should read this book once a month. It's so inspiring.
Musing // How does one garden in urban spaces? I gave my sister some seeds for flowers this week and it really got me inspired to grow some herbs when we move to NYC. Shouldn't be hard, right?
Wanting // All kinds of springy clothes, especially items that could be worn over and over again in Europe, like this and this...
Celebrating // Spring! I love the warm dry sunshine, running out doors and the pastel water-y colors I'm seeing everywhere. This is probably my last Spring Break so I am totally enjoying it. Although...  I feel entirely too old for this!

What are you celebrating about Spring this week?

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  1. Gosh those tea cups are delightful! I find it so very romantic just sip coffee out of a teacup.. or maybe just European... Love them!