April 8, 2013

Is it Springtime Yet?

After such a windy-cold weekend, I am really beginning to wonder if New England even has Spring. I am still wearing clunky boots, my puffy black beast of a coat and ear warmers (because my brain hurts in the wind.) It's getting a little ridiculous. Will I be able to wear shorts up here before I move? (P.S. our move out date is May 31 - eek!)

All that whining aside, I decided to inspire myself with some old flower photos I took last year. FYI I love taking pictures of flowers. It's the lady in me that just loves loveliness. Most of these gems were taken on Martha's Vineyard (AKA my happiest place) and they give me hope that Spring should be coming... any day now... really, any day now. Seriously. Come on.

Bring on the Blooms
I hope wherever you are you, you are beginning to feel lovely lovely effects of Winter waking up from its long nap. Happy Monday, dear friends.


  1. Oh Spring takes a while to show up on the East Coast... more like mid April and May... :(
    Lovely photos...

    1. Yes it does... hope you're enjoying the always-sunny weather out West!

  2. I love the photos! No worries, you will experience spring next week in Atlanta as we sip on a cold beer and listen to Tay Swift sing her heart out. Love you!

  3. Hi Kristen, I just love the photos, we are still little cold here too. But that's ok, its my day off.You have made me hapy twice already today check email.

  4. Aunt Shirley! It is great to hear from you! I hope you are doing well in CT! I hope we can l meet up soon.

    PS - Kristen not only takes great pics. She takes them riding on the back of a scooter - 007 style.