May 25, 2013

Euro Trip: Gear for Consideration

Euro Trip: Gear for Consideration Polyvore

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The Goods.
Much like a squirrel, I've been slowly accumulating a stockpile of travel goods over the past eight weeks. Our Euro trip is seriously just around the corner (departing this country June 4th!) and we haven't even finished booking everything. Many of the above items are part of my "SCORE!" collection; some have been bought, some have been generously shared and loaned from fellow traveling buddies. I can't believe how many of our friends have offered up their gear for our use on this Euro Trip. Our friends Elliot and Lena handed over what seemed like the contents of an entire REI store for us to take along. I feel like we just have the NICEST friends who are enthusiastic about helping us have the best trip we can. Many thanks to all of you!

The Latest Additions to the Gear:
// 1. Kavu Bag // Generously given to me by my mother-in-law on Mother's Day, because she wanted to give all her kids presents. For her Mother's Day. Yes, you read that sentence right. She's maybe the nicest person who ever roamed the Earth.

 // 2. Merrell Barefoot Shoes // Genius recommendation from my pal Lena. These are the newest purchase (yesterday!) and I am sooo amped about them. They are light, bend-y and sort of foldable, and have that righteous Vibram sole that somehow just makes the shoe all the more legit. Looks like hiking is back on the menu. Can I get an amen up in here?

// 3. Ebags Packing Cubes // I would kiss Rick Steves right on the lips if I could, that man has helped me plan this entire adventure. His books are a treasure in our household. This is another one of his wonderful recommendations. I pretty much do as he says.

// 4. Tide Travel Packs // I am a clean person. So laundry will be part of my Euro life.

// 5. Aveda Travel Toiletries // A wonderful gift from my BFF Tricia! She knows my need for some minty shampoo, bless that Aveda-lovin' gal.

// 6. Travel Adapter // Another extremely generous loan from my cousin Amber; you rock my face off!

// 7. Acer Netbook // Again, another loaner from our friend Andrew! This is a big one (although super itty-bitty!); it's how I will blog to you from anywhere and everywhere.

// 8. Petzl Headlamp // Stevie lives and breathes by this thing. Sometimes he just wears it around the house, no lie. So... if the lights go out in the city of Rome, have no fear, Stevie (and his Peztl) are here!

// 9. Earplugs // Cuz Rick Steves says I shall need them.

The fun is really beginning... Stay tuned for more!


  1. The most valuable thing on this list is number 9! Whenever I travel, it's always the thing I'm most happy about having with me. I will say, regarding #1, I have the exact same bag and have taken it with me on several trips, but I recently made the switch to a mini backpack with 2 straps instead of one. Having all the pressure on one shoulder only can get real painful after a while. Plus, two straps is much easier to carry on your front side when you have a big backpack on your backside. Just some food for thought! Hope you have a great trip! :)

  2. Thanks for the advice, Anna! Stevie will be bringing a small day pack that has two shoulder straps, so I may not carry mine 100% of the time - that's a really good point about the pain of only one shoulder strap. I will definitely keep that in mind as we travel.