April 28, 2015


I've been a bit quiet here on the blog, and I thank you for understanding. My family has attended two funerals in the past week, and it just doesn't feel right to be all "blah blah blah" about fun and life happenings in this space when people that I know are hurting and grieving begone souls. I hope you will join me in knitting together a few prayers for the families who are grappling with their losses, figuring out what to do with all their unanswered questions and aching hearts. There aren't really words that can do justice to completely comfort anyone's loss, but prayers can be stealthy and powerful beyond my own flawed human ability. So that's what I'm taking this time to do - pray, meditate on scripture on their behalf, and try to dream up a good meal that can be delivered to their doorsteps.

Be back tomorrow.

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